Thursday, 10 November 2011

My gorgeous son :)

New me, fresh start!!

Ok, my laptop for some reason won't let me write a blog post and my
iPhone screen keeps freezing. Good start to my fresh blog!

Rant over ;p

So recently, I split from my ex of six years. This is my personal
blog / dairy. So fuck it. I might as well explain what went on. Me and
laura hadn't seemed to be getting on over these past few months. She
got lazy, I ended up doing all the house work, cooking etc and looking
after our 15 month old boy. To be honest she's always been lazy, but
at the end of the day I loved her.

Last month we had a major row at 10pm, she said we needed some space
and asked if I could stay at my moms. So off I went, only to miss the
hell out of her by 1 o.clock in the morning. So I grabbed my keys,
left my moms and headed home to tell her that all this is stupid and I
love her. Once I got there, i couldn't get in. She left the key in the
other side of the door. The light was on, so through the blinds. I
noticed another mans trainers!

I went crazy and ended up kicking in the front door and waking our 15
month old son up. I stormed in the front room to find em both there,
fully clothed. But why ask me to stay at moms then invite a man round?
who I've never seen before in my life. Don't forget this was at 1 in
the morning. Believe me I wanted to kill the prick but I put my son
first and ended up storming off in a mess.

We ended our relationship, but as mad as it sounds. I still loved her
until 3 days later when I turned up only to hear them having sex, an
yeah it broke me and I ended up doing somthing stupid that I deeply

This past month and half has been crazy!! Lauras friend started
testing me, we ended up meeting up and now we're together. Crazy
right!! It didn't go down to well with the ex, but she made her bed
and I'm as happy as I can be. My new partner is so supportive and
she's far from being lazy :)

My main goal is to be there for my son. It hurts knowing that I'm not
going to be spending christmas as a propper family like I wanted. But
I'm going to spoil him rotten with lots of presents.

That's why I decided to start this blog all over. I wasn't really
blogging much before but now it's time I really sorted out my life.
Support my son and really start enjoying myself. I still have plans to
start playing more poker and starting my own poker clothing line, but
for now, I need to get back on my feet and save some money.

And 2012 is going to be a very good year!!

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